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Madeline Palmisano (Franklin)
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September 09, 1952 self-employed Married 1 Rusty no no I have had an extremely exciting ten years. I tossed off my corporate suit and heels and found, again, the love of my love and my life's passion - Theatre - teaching kids and adults acting. In additon, my journey took me into the world of film, directing and choreographing plays and musicals for kids and adults. I'm a performing arts specialist for several schools and direct for several theatre companies. I'm also an Adjunct Faculty Member at Harper College. I love what I do! I'm currently directing a new musical, "The Second Oldest Profession", about high-school teachers, with a fanstastic cast. I'm in the process of looking for my own space to start a theatre company. Looking for investors! We'll talk!

I'm really looking forward to being reintroduced to my fellow classmates, especially, my senior prom date, Tim Osner.

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Janet Pankratz (Gensch)
February 24, 1952 R.N. Married 3 Daniel Gensch No, but hope to attend Friday night I have been very blessed with a wonderful husband and 2 daughters and a son. They all give me great joy daily. We have moved around Illinois from south to north due to my husband's occupation as a minister, currently living near Midway Airport. I have had various nursing jobs, but my present one as a Hospice nurse is my calling.
I have been out of touch since the 10th year reunion, so it's nice to catch up with people.  Send Janet a MessageSend Janet a Message
Gerry Panzica
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June 23, 1952 disabled due to stroke Single hopefully 2000-2008 - working, traveling
2008-now - NOTHING !!!
The stroke I suffered in 2008 kind of threw me for a loop... it affected my life completely and I am trying to figure out how to go about living my life again.
Also, I have been in a "few" relationships.  I was  "married"and "divorced" 3 times.  I decided that I did not want to become the male Zsa Zsa and I remembered what they used to say at baseball games.."three strikes and your out !!",so I have  decided I like being single and I don't have the patience to be in a relationship again...I am too  damn old to start another relationship !!!
Also, I became  close friends to Ken Larson and his lover when I moved back to Chicago. Kenny still had that witty and funny sarcasm until his dying day.. I will miss him and Eddie.  I am addicted to Facebook.....I have met so many friends from my "past"......It's great to communicate with friends you haven't seen in years !!!!

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Diane Park (Sleger)
August 13, 1952 Risk Management Analyst Married 3 Paul Sleger missed it Traveling, including Australia's Great Barrier Reef, swimming, painting, and family life events.
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Alexander Patano
June 02, 1952 Human Resources Married 3 Lori Yes Working and raising a family
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Susan Perna (Sfikas)
August 15, 1952 Small business owner Married 1 Nicholas Sfikas Yes It's been a whirlwind the last 10 years...I have been caring for my parents, both of whom had become very ill. Mom sadly passed away in '06 and Daddy moved in with husband and I bought our "dream" house...I've traveled to Europe on many occassions as our daughter, Tiffany, was on the World and Olympic Skating Team for Great Britain and also was the principle skater in Holiday on Ice, a skating show which toured all of Europe and South Korea...Tiffany just got married in December '09 to her French husband (Ohh-La-La!) which she met while on tour, so, no grandbabies yet :(...I started a small business and work from home...I also do event planning and interior designing as a make a long story short, I'm exhausted! As far as seeing friends from school, I see Kathy Komay and Linda Gallis, although, I have hooked up on Facebook with many others! It's been great fun getting "to know" everyone again! I miss all you guys and the fun memories...see you at the 40th!!
I can't believe it's been 40 years!!  I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and reminiscing about the "good old days"! Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
Sharon Petelle (Kantor)
December 21, 1951 Direct Sales Married Jerry No no
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Scott Pierce
May 10, 1952 Self Employed Married Deborah (Hughes) No No I've been president of Facilities Partners, Inc., a company that provides engineering services for commercial and bio-tech facilities. Otherwise living the good life in the Pacific Northwest.
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Michael Pirron
December 23, 1951 Married 2 Cindy Yes
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John Placek
November 11, 1952 attorney Married 2 Jennifer yes During the past 10 years I have continued to practice law at the same location noticing dramatic shifts in clients' needs attributable to dynamic economic factors. I suspect most law firms, businesses and individuals adjusted appropriately, or wish they had.

After the University of Illinois Matt, our son, is now in biotech business somewhere between Manhattan, LA and Brazil. I don't ask what I don't understand. Our daughter Jill is in her 3rd year of medical school and looks forward to medically assisting others. She will be working on choosing a field of practice soon as she is approaching Match Day. My wife of 34 years has recently retired this past year from school administration. These past several months and continuing I look forward to assisting Jo and other committee members having as many class members attending our reunion and having them enjoy the reunion.

If you are not already registered please do so or simply call me or another committee member if you need any assistance of any kind. Your committee is here to serve you.
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