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Lynn Lynn Manfredi (Manfredi)
December 19, 1951 Early Childhood Educator, Author & Consultant Married 4 Bob Watkins yes Since the late 90's? hmmmm... my life has changed so much since then... I wrote 2 books on the importance of relationships between child care providers and parents of young children and went on the road for a while doing keynotes and such, married a dear old friend at our "old fashioned hippie-dippy wedding" potluck, re-opened my Creative COMFY Day School/family child care business after a 10-year "break" ... began writing fiction and poetry, and rediscovered the joys of life beyond graduate school!

Like so many our age, I also discovered Facebook (trying to "spy" on my adult daughter... shhhhh : )) She's gone on to Twitter or some such thing, and I spend many a happy hour spewing my day to day life and all kinds of deep thoughts around the world to any who care to read them. You can "Friend" me there if you want to know more....
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Bill Maffy
January 15, 1952 Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services Single Yes
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Vicki Marinello (Blake)
March 07, 1952 Clinical Nurse Specialist and business owner of floral shop Married 3 David Blake Not sure Mostly working and some traveling recently to Hawaii.
It's been a long time and so much has happened in my life! I forgot 2010 was our fortieth until Joanne called me.
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Lyndy Marshall (Hullett)
November 06, 1959 Support Worker Married 1
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Bill Martin
August 19, 1952 Executive Protection for Motorola Inc. Married 2 Nadine McGuire Yes I retired from law enforcement in 2005. I retired to take a position in Corporate security for Motorola inc. I currently am a manager for Global protective Services. Traveling with Senior Leadership Team members throughout the world.
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Don Martin
July 05, 1952 Married 2 Nancy No
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Les McIntyre
December 04, 1951 Operations Manager Married 2 Laurie Albright No working, having fun, playing a lot of golf and getting my kids through college

Sorry I can't make it.
Say hi to everyone for me.
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Karen McKenney (Boettenr-McKenney)
December 17, 1952 Midwife Single 2
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John McMahon
Profile picture
December 02, 1952 nurse Married 2 Zenaida (Needa) Banzon the only contact I have with Lynn Manfredi
I've been a nurse 26 years now and still enjoy it.
My wife and I are both scuba divers and have dove locally and in the Philippines.
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Jan McNulty
June 03, 1952 Committed Relationship yes
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