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Gary Heidt
August 12, 1952 Retired Married Kathy (Skoufes) Yes
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Craig Henderson
August 02, 1951 Shipping/ Packaging Married 3 Elizabeth No, she was diagnosed with cancer in January. In February 2001 - Lost my job at LTV Steel Mining Company. Went back to College 2001-2003 (Mesabi Community Tech. Had a heart attack in the summer of 2002. Graduated in Spring of 2003. Started working for Woodline Manufacturing in November of 2003 & still there. In various jobs, molder operator, shipping , and packaging.

We have six grandchildren,three great grandchildren and one great grandchild on the way.  Wish we could be there to see all of you.  Will be thinking of you.  Hope you have a great time.
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Sandra Hilty
October 12, 1952 Accountant - CPA Single Undecided I have traveled to Florida to see my parents, sisters and brother. Then I had a major accident that required me to have four surgeries and I am still dealing with.
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Claudia Hojem (Jirsa)
April 21, 1952 Teacher Married 3 Rich not sure I've been living with my husband and 3 sons in Rochester, Minnesota for the past 15 years. Before that we lived in North Carolina, Italy, Illinois, and Alaska. We just remodeled our 80-year old house, so I think we'll stay here! I teach at one of the local high schools.
After looking at the pictures, I think I've been lost since the 10 year reunion.
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john horan
January 19, 1951 carpet installer Married 2 patricia nolan horan ? living
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Robert Huey
January 17, 1952 Physician Assistant Committed Relationship 5 Kathy Grinde No No Working.
Would love to attend the reunion but at this time it looks as though we will not be able to make it. Kathy and I are in the area often because of 3 children and 7 grandchildren but we are not able to fit the 24th into our schedule. We also have 2 children in Florida and 5 more grandchildren that require attention as well. I am not a kid oriented individual but I have to have some time and responsability to all of them. We are involved in many other activities that require time as well ( ie golf, drinking a few beers-just a few of course). Since high school I have done many things but I currently work as a physician assistant performing Immigration Exams as well as Occupational Exams. I deal with no sick people anymore which is great, less liability. Send Robert a MessageSend Robert a Message
Bob Huffman
Profile picture
Profile picture
August 28, 1952 Urban Planner Single I may attend the Friday night reception Keith R. Peterson passed away in late 2007. You can view his my space memorial at I am in my 24th year as an Urban Planner after having been a Communications teacher for 12 years in the same district I attended until I became disillusioned with public education. I was also a sports administrator and Chairman of the AAU/USA Jr. & Sr. Olympic Mens and Womens Basketball committee in the midwest association and on the National AAU basketball committee and worked with young talent such as Isiah Thomas when he was in high school and travelled to Russia with him and other basketball standouts for games in 4 cities. I have travelled extensively around the world but always like coming back to downtown Chicago where I have lived for almost three decades. My family still lives in the Arlington Heights area. I was exposed to some fine teachers at Forest View that turned me on to a career in public education and one day I may return to the classroom. Some of those teachers are: Joyce Landmark (english), William Heller (history), Tom O'Driscoll (athletic director), Fred Lussow (pe), George Sully (french), Robert Hoese (Assistant Principal--I later worked for him as a teacher at Rolling Meadows HS) and a host of others.
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Kathy Ilg (Poetter)
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February 17, 1952 Librarian Widowed 3 Yes After raising my daughters (or is it never truly done?), I went back to work full time. Unfortunately, I was widowed again a few years ago but am very happy in my career and am busy with travel, golf, bowling and other hobbies. I have many good friends and count my wonderful family members among them!
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Linda Jamieson
December 30, 1952 CPA Single Yes
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Don Johnson
June 20, 1952
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