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Cindy Cramer (Guzik)
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September 14, 1952 elementary teacher Married 2 Frank not sure yet
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Naomi Dimas
March 17, 1952 Single 1 Hoping to! Moved to California in '76 along with my whole family. Have a beautiful 16 year old son who is a sophomore in high school for one more week. Was in medical sales for a looong time. Just started in real estate.
Even though I moved before my junior year, I still have fond memories of my friends at FVHS. (My brother graduated in '68) Also because I had liived in Mt. Prospect since kindergarten and went to Sunset Park, Lions Park and Lincoln Jr, I remember many of you from my years there.

Thank you, Marcie, for the pics from Sunset. (I figured they were yours!) Thanks to Kel who contacted me via a reunion website, who said that even those of us who didn't graduate from FV are welcome.  Wouldn't you know it, my reunion at my HS in Wisconsin is the same weekend.  I plan to be in Chicago visiting relatives then, so will try to hit both! Great website!
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Michael Dorosh
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December 24, 1952 Director of Non-Profit Organization Single yes Very involved in several non-profit organizations. Still renovating my home and enjoying camping, hiking, skiing, & travelling.

Wow ... Twenty-Ten !

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June Dunaway (Hoffman)
May 13 McDonald's Franchisee Married Ron Hoffman No
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Guy Ekblad
September 15, 1952 retired Married 2 gail not sure retired living in naples
playing lots of golf and having a few beers
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Mark Ennes
March 04, 1952 Vice President/ Financial Advisor Married 3 Mary yes I have been with Merrill Lynch for 28 years. Free time is spent traveling worldwide, water skiing in the summer, cross country skiing in the winter, and being a die hard Cubs and Bears fan.
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richard feilen
December 30, 1950 Divorced 2
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Steve Firszt
September 03, 1952 Business Coach Married 3 Jill Blair Yes Pat Coyne & I remain best friends
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Brian Fleck
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October 08, 1952 Teacher Married 3 Sabra Peine Yes Sold newspapers I'd been publishing for 20 years, went back to college, became a math teacher. Now semi-retired. Teach in an after school program, an ESL program for adults and write a column.
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Robin Foster (Cronin)
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October 04, 1952 Social Worker Married 2 Michael Not sure No Raising children and working full time until recently.
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