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Barbara Bettman
March 08, 1952 Commercial Banker Single Yes
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Steven Bozee
August 22, 1952 retired Married 1 Nancy Palla yes
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Gary Brankin
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January 02, 1952 Endodontist Single 1 Yes I have been in a group Endodontic Practice in Rockford, Illinois since 1992 and live about 10 minutes away in a airport community in Poplar Grove. Obviously, my passion is flying! I currently own a Bonanza A-36, which allows me to get to the east coast, Colorado or northern Florida in about 4 hours. It is great living in a community with about 450 airplanes and great people with similar interests.

I have a daughter Allison, who is 26 years old and teaches in Rockford. She did not want to follow in Dad's footsteps and go into dentistry or aviation. No grandkids yet and I am not pushing it.

I have been married for 27 years, but currently going through a fairly lengthy divorce. I can't believe how long things can be dragged out in the legal system....Anyway, life will be getting better soon, because I think the end is in sight!

I have had foreign exchange students from Norway, Italy and Belgium. It was a great experience and this has led to traveling to their country and see how they live. I went to Belgium to Quentin's wedding outside of Brussel's and had a great time. Their weddings are very different than ours in the U.S.

As for the next 10 years, I have to learn how to work less and "live each day to it's fullest"!
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jeffrey brown
January 04, 1952 clinical socialworker Married 4 s. lynn snyder no of work :
2011 begins a 30th year fo pratice ....of community with patients +colleagues. times weary /times exuberant..always blessed.
of love :
lynnie..... 18 years of play/coffee conversation /early morning walks .
our children: kirsten , pete , jessie , jammie ....
their dogs ,friends , lovers, adventures. skinned knees and hearts .
our parents here and gone ..sweet/sorrow
our friends moving slower..breathing deeper .

happy 40 th everyone
warm wishes / good wishes
"and if i ever loose my mouth ..all my teeth north and south ...." oops !
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Carolyn Cantwell (Peak)
Married Larry No, sorry I can't make it
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Tony Carnesecchi
September 27, 1951 Self Employed Married 2 Sandi Bobowski Teaching Art. I bought an Art Studio where we teach classes to adults and children. We also have a small gallery, and we do framing.
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Barb Conway (Wahls)
November 17, 1952 Married 3 Bob not sure none The past ten years have been good to us. We married off 2 of our 3 children and have 5 grandkids, all under 5 years. I'm working for an all women's gym part time and Bob is planning to retire next year. We like to travel so we're looking forward to having more time to pursue longer trips. Anyway, I have'nt seen anyone from High School since the last reunion so I'm trying to at least make Friday night. I can't believe it's been 40 years!
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Louise Costa (Basgall)
August 12, 1952 Promotional Accounting Manager Married James Basgall no I have been very involved with the rescue of abused and abandoned animals. I served for 6 years on the board of The Buddy Foundation and helped them re-home many animals, raise funds and helped them design and begin operations of their animal shelter located in Arlington Heights.
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carolyn Costello (palmer)
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January 15, 1952 teacher Married 4 Michael Palmer no Mike and I have been launching our adult children for the last ten years. We have four daughters and now we have four grandboys. I am still teaching second grade.The day just flies by when you fill it with kids. I feel young except when my old students drive over to my school to say hello. I'm the "grandma" of the school and it feels great!
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Patrick Coyne
January 22, 1952 Retail Buyer / Consumer Electronics Single Again Yes Expanding my waistline, losing my hair, getting divorced, playing golf, enjoying my life !
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