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Thomas Allen
April 15, 1952 Executive Director non profit / spiritual director Married 2 Julia K Jacobsen Probably not

I married Julie Jacobsen, also of our FVHS class. We were each other's first dates at 15, and here we are, married now for 37 years. Wow, who would have thought.

I have made choices in the last 20 years to follow my heart. It has led to a life of meaning, but pretty counter cultural., I am always amazed that Julie has stuck with me through it all.

I suspect that I am like a lot of us. The second half of life has led to some surprising choices.

FVHS has always been a shining time in my memory. Lots of good memories.

We made it to the 10 year reunion, but somehow got lost in the contact list. We didn't konw there were other reunions happening in the intervening years!! Glad to have been found.

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Janice Anderson (Sheldon)
June 04, 1952 Library Associate Married 2 John Sheldon no We have 2 adult sons, 1 married living near my job, 1 bachelor in MN, & 1 granddaughter. I've worked at the Algonquin Public Library over 25 years & have no plans to retire yet. I love the challenges. My husband of 37 yrs. just started a new pharmacy job in northern WI so we are living both single & married throughout the week as he commutes weekly. Thanks to the hard working reunion committee for such an awesome job of planning & searching out classmates. Has it been 40 years?? Yeah . . .
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Susan Anderson (Carbone)
August 07, 1952 Retired Married Bob yes I volunteer at my local library delivering books to residents who are unable to get on a temporary as needed basis for the City I retired from. My husband and I love to travel.
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Sandra Annino (Rzepka)
February 25, 1952 Office Manager Divorced 2 Yes Working retail - in the furniture industry. Both my children are married and have wonderful spouses.... No grandchildren though. Bought a great house and am enjoying life!!!!! I've been keeping in touch with a few friends from school - thanks to Facebook. Just keeping very busy.
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Ken Appelhans
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Profile picture
July 24, 1952 Retired Computer Support Tech Married 2 The Friday night gathering only. I've been happily married for just about 35 years to my wonderful wife Janet. I have 2 great sons, 31 and 29 years old. The oldest is a PhD at Rush doing research, and the youngest is in financial investments. They're doing great, and I'm proud of both of them.

I have 2 granddaughters, by my oldest son, who are a real joy. I’m still trying to swallow the fact that I'm a grandfather.

The last 22 years of my career where at United Airlines. I took an 'involuntary retirement' in 2008 (an 'out with the old, in with the new' kind of thing). My wife and I took my time off as an opportunity to move from Roselle (where we lived for 32 years) to Elgin (where we've been since January 2010).

While I've lived a very happy and blessed life, I still really miss the good old days. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. Not to change anything...just to do it again!
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Diane Barbey (Troy)
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November 02, 1952 Retired teacher Divorced 2 I retired after 40 years of teaching. Most of my teaching career was teaching junior high math. Now I enjoy my family and especially my grand kids.
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Bill Barlow
August 22, 1952 Professor Married 2 Mikako Ikeda No I am a cancer researcher specializing in testing new treatments for breast cancer. I love to travel especially to Asia and Europe.
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Barb Baruth (Palla)
December 12, 1951 Married 2 William Palla No. Prior Commitment I have been a full fledge member of the sandwich generation. Getting children settled & taking care of aging relatives. Bill retired last year so we travel when we can.
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Laura Becker
August 30, 1952 RSA in mental health field Committed Relationship 3 no none Living in Peoria, working in the mental health field as an RSA, Residential Support Associate...fancy name for a CNA in Mental Health. Love this job. Love the people. However, after moving to Elgin 2 weeks ago, now am looking for a new job in this area. Hal and I just bought a house and are glad to be back here and close to the kids and grandkids. Hal is on full disability due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. He has had a lot of health issues since the last reunion. But we are together, content, and the Lord has blessed us greatly.
Hello to all! I want to thank the committee for all of their hard work. I am sorry that neither I, nor Hal (Zorn), will be able to make it to the reunion this time. Maybe the 45th! We have a family wedding to go to and afterwards babysitting for 3 of our 8 grandchildren.
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Bobb Bell
April 27, 1952 Retired Committed Relationship 3 Sorry I have another commitment, will try to make it on Friday Working hard to get to retirement, made it official in March, getting paid a shitload of money to not work; coaching varsity girls softball at Prairie Ridge High School in Crystal Lake; working on my golf game (not much success), still hanging with my best buds Scott and Glenn.
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