Hi Classmates!  We hope that everyone is staying healthy and surviving the turmoil that COVID-19 has created for the world.  It was a disappointment for everyone when we made the decision to postpone the reunion until next year, but we have heard from many of you, and all comments reinforce the fact that it was the right thing to do.

The Committee recently heard from Michael Dorosh with a great idea.  He proposed a ZOOM Happy Hour for the night that we had originally planned to hold the reunion, Saturday 19 September 2020 at 6:00 pm (FVHS Time).  Michael has graciously offered to host the call and to use his ZOOM account (which does not have the 40 minute limit).

The ZOOM HAPPY HOUR is being hosted by Michael Dorosh, however the invitation email was sent from the Committee.

So if you would like to join the "Class of '70 50th Reunion Zoom Happy Hour", please RSVP to Michael at:  MJD80223@gmail.com

This is the program for the Happy Hour; one by one everyone shares ..................

>>>  What you are drinking? ........ it is Happy Hour you know (does not have to be alcoholic)
>>>  Where you are living now, how long, and what brought you there (job, family, or the weather)?  Before that where and how long?
>>>  Which reunions have you attended? and will you be there next year?
>>>  What is one accomplishment or unique experience you've had in life since high school? (it can be really major or very minor)

So ..... If there are a lot of people on the zoom, the above may be all we have time for, but if not, we'll make another round with ......
>>>  What inspires you—what gets you up in the morning?

Note:  You can be really brief if you want.  Depending on the number of people, we may set a sort of "time limit", and if you get long-winded,  we might just have to cut you short.

After you RSVP, you will be sent the ZOOM invite with some logistical information (for example use maiden names) and a few ground rules (for example, no politics).

If you have never used zoom:
1-  Go to www.zoom.com and click on the orange bar "SIGN-UP, IT'S FREE".  Then follow the instructions.
2-  The zoom invite we will send you has a link to click on, then you are prompted to "Open Zoom ...." that you need to click on.
3-  IF possible, sometime ahead of time, have a kid or friend who knows zoom set up a call with you so you can get familiar with the format.

Zoom Advice:
1-  With a lot of people, you really want to use a desktop or laptop or tablet, and not a cell phone (as it will be really difficult to follow, see people, and participate on a phone).  If you are technology impaired, ask one of your kids or a friend or a neighbor for help.
2-  In the upper right corner, you have the choice of "Gallery View" or "Speaker View" (it switches back and forth when you click on it).
Gallery view will allow you to see everyone lined up in rows and columns (and there may be more than one page which you can move to using the >  and the < icons on the side.  Speaker view will have the speaker "large" and everyone else in a row on the top or on the side, and you can scroll thru them. During the call, you can switch modes back and forth as you please.
3-  In the bottom left corner, there is an icon of a microphone and a camera.  If there is a red line thru one, it is disabled (muted or no camera).  You want your camera to be on (no red line), but we will ask everyone to mute when not speaking (to mute and unmute, you click on the icon)

Again, more information will come with your invite.
Hope you can make it as a sort of "tie-over" until the real thing next year!
Your Committee and Michael Dorosh