The rescheduled FVHS Class of '70 50-Year Reunion has become the 51-Year Reunion and is being held July 23rd – 24th, 2021.  The details surrounding the event can be viewed on various pages of this site.

All previous reservations for the 2020 reunion dates have been deleted from this site.  Please re-RSVP for both Friday and Saturday.  

We have secured a negotiated rate for hotel rooms.  The deadline for the negotiated rate reservations is June 23, 2021.  All hotel reservations for the 2020 date have been canceled.  Please make new room reservations for the July 2021 dates at this time.  


If you have friends from our class who are not on this site or their profile is old, please encourage them to participate or update even if they cannot attend.

We've had some obstacles with this reunion so let's work hard and make this the best reunion yet!


Note:  The Falcon artwork is a photo of the FV fieldhouse wall, taken by Kel Kissamis.
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